Collective Intelligence is a company based in Berlin, Germany, specialized in consulting and developing new media ventures.

We are able to cover the whole innovation lifecycle along strategy formation, business planning, concept and design work, technical and organizational development, and operations.

Acting as a project executing organisation for our parent company, the German consulting partnership IMP Ilgmann Miethner Partner, we provide implementation expertise, also managing client-side licences for all developed systems and software.

Since 2005, the focus of our work has moved to social media strategies and agile development. As many of our projects are corporate internal we have explored and implemented a broad variety of Enterprise 2.0 solutions.

Bridging the language gap between principals and contractors, between management/marketing and external engineers/designers, is a special art. To our experience, projects can not be successful without it. We will not let a project fail.

We are eager to hear from you and happy to provide references. Please see our contact page.